About Us

Founded in 2000, WPT is driven by a desire to provide high quality individualized care in a relaxed professional atmosphere.

The WPT logo symbolizes our commitment to providing our best physical therapy services to community. The logo’s design portrays the importance of focusing on one’s movement and physical activity level. Our therapists are trained to offer a personalized treatment plan and exercise routine specifically designed to improve mobility, increase strength, and manage pain.

Whether you want to get back on the job, back in the game, or just back to a healthier more confident lifestyle, let Williamstown Physical Therapy help you WORK, PLAY, LIVE better than before.

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Williamstown Physical Therapy accepts most statewide and National insurance plans.
If you have any questions about your specific coverage or benefits, please contact us.

Williamstown Physical Therapy specializes in caring for our all ages within our community, including: