Welcome to the Williamstown Physical Therapy Pelvic Health Program supported by My Core Floor. We are completely committed to understanding the causes of your pelvic floor symptoms and developing a plan to most effectively address them. By teaming with My Core Floor we can most effectively blend education, hands on care, and exercise to address the underlying strength, flexibility, or pain related issues that are so often at the root of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Brittney Cappiello, MSPT, FAFS and Cori Ghidotti, DPT make up our clinical team and would love the opportunity to introduce themselves in this short video...

Did you know?

  • 1 in 3 Women will suffer from a pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime
  • 1 in 10 Women are diagnosed with endometriosis
  • Chronic pelvic pain affects 1 in 7 women
  • Urinary incontinence is 2x as likely to occur in women than men
  • Incontinence, Prolapse, and Pelvic Pain are not a normal part of aging

To help us better serve you during your initial evaluation please complete the brief questionnaire using the link below.

The questionnaire will allow us to get to know you better and will also allow us to give you a pelvic floor score which is calculated based on your pelvic health symptoms. Please be honest in your response as this score will be one way we will measure your success as you move through the pelvic health program with us.

Pelvic Questionnaire

We can’t wait to meet you!
Brittney and Cori